Marty Romero

I feel like an only child, but I am not

Maria and I. March 2017. Somewhere between Cle Elum and Ellensburg my sister and I stopped for a picture.

I have missed her

In 1995 my sister Maria moved to Salt Lake City Utah, and since then, I have felt like I am an only child. Over the years we drifted apart and had a falling out. I am ashamed to admit that I have not seen my sister as an equal. We don’t see eye to eye on a number of things, like family, religion, money, the environment, honesty, and more. She is an extrovert, and I am not. We are very different. But as I have gotten older I realize that those things are only important in the moment. They are not important in the grand scheme of things.

She visited for a week early this month. I have missed her. I wish that she lived closer so that we could visit together more. I wish I didn’t feel like I am an only child anymore. This is something that I can work on.