Marty Romero

My mom is a victim of the Mormon church

During the April 2018 general conference, Crystal Legionaires interrupted the conference by shouting, “stop protecting sexual predators .” 

Assaulted by her Bishop

I have been following McKenna Denson’s story closely. It is of particular interest to me because my mom has shared on a number of occasions about a former Mormon bishop who made sexual advances towards her multiple times when we first joined the Mormon church.

As far as I know, that former bishop is still an active member of the church and was/has never been held accountable.

I have a lot of Mormon friends that would look at a woman like Denson and say “Oh she’s an anti-Mormon.” But I hope that they can look beyond their own bias and call things for what they are.

The Mormon church’s policies and procedures are set up to protect sexual predators, and when I think of my mom being sexually accosted by a man who was allegedly “called of God” to be her spiritual leader, I feel angry and sick to my stomach.

My mom remains a fervent Mormon believer (despite her recent Catholic practices). She is fortunate that her experience assault was not more than advances.

When I wrote this, I was listening to this song :

Dear LDS Church, I love you, but “Fuck you I won’t do what you tell me.”

Jose Romero